Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Elveden Centre Parcs, Norfolk

I have worked at the Center Parcs at Elveden a few times now, telling to children and it was not as I expected. I suppose I thought it would be some cabins in the woods with a shop and perhaps a swimming pool, but no. It's very different and at first I have to admit to being a bit disappointed. That's because it's so busy with so much going on - With shops and restaurants it is a holiday park and not the forest hideaway that I expected.

Map of the many restaurants and shops in the woods!
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But that is of course down to my own bias and I suppose that because I am always amongst crowds that I like to get away from people when away on a break, but we are of course all different! There maybe roads everywhere criss-crossing the woods, but they do encourage access to the outside and a bit of nature with trails into the woods and whether you choose to walk or ride on the many bikes that cover the site. I imagine that for say someone who dwells in a town the park could seem like paradise.

Bikes placed everywhere for use by anyone

It's also good to see people of all ages from toddlers to the old being so active. There is plenty going on inside from typical holiday entertainment and any amount of indoor sports from badminton to bowls, but even so there were still more people outside. Even though it was a freezing cold February day there were plenty of people outside wrapped up well with wellies on (I like my wellies not only waterproof but just so convenient if you are too lazy to do up shoelaces like me) Its very much about getting out amongst nature albeit in a very 21st century kind of way with Quad biking and swinging on wires through the trees, but it's getting out none the less. There's also falconry and other outdoor stuff as well as getting out on the lake, rowing and they even have those big inflatable things you can walk on water in! As I sit here drinking tea in the warm Starbucks of all places I can see people walking, cycling and playing crazy golf together on treasure island!

Great crowds playing crazy golf on Treasure Island

I suppose that's what sticks out most; the large groups that come to Elveden, which must be good. We do after all live in a world dominated by twenty-four hour tv, computers and the smart phone like the one I have my face buried in now whilst I write this blog at Centre Parcs. You could say that when it comes to my phone I'm a good example of the inactive, isolated lifestyle, which leads me to type with some irony that you could do a lot worse than get you family or a group of mates together, get out there and perhaps and go to Centre Parcs!

Not many out sailing today as very cold

In the distance a giant inflatable walking on water thing!

One of the many indoor sports with healthy people putting me to shame!

Thanks to all the bar staff for helping set up today....


  1. ... and furthermore, you're not so very far from the former country estate of Maharaja Dalip Singh, the last Maharaja of the Sikh empire. Huzzah!

  2. Hello Esotericus
    I am honoured to have one of the Ragged Ramblers visiting my site. I thought you only existed in myth!

    And you are of course right that Elveden has an unusual link to our colonial past!

    The Yarnsmith