Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WI ROCKS at Music at the Crossroads!

Have just returned from a weekend of telling at both Music at the Crossroads at Hook Norton and the Cornbury Festival; both in Oxfordshire. Both fantastic music festivals and the Cornbury festival had a comedy tent and all the stuff you'd expect at a modern event. Something for everyone. But what really stood out at Hook Norton was the WI ladies serving delicious tea in proper cups and saucers and some great cake - just like me mum used to make. I have to admit to liking a mug of tea normally, but cup, saucer and well made cake just seem to go together somehow. Not very rock and roll you might say and you might even complain that festivals aren't what they used to be. That's certainly true. There was however a beer tent and all the usual for those who wanted it, but for me tea and cake are the perfect end to a days hard telling!

The ladies of the Hook Norton WI and their festival wares

Proper cups and saucers

Proper cakes!

Pro active peddling of festival cakes

Thanks to Phil for another invite and to the WI for their superb cakes!

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