Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire

I have just one more day of telling medieval tales at Kenilworth Castle.

For two weeks I have been camped on site with my friend and co-founder of Past-Imagined, Historical Tale Tellers , Stewart Alexander. As always it's been a real privilege staying on site after the public have gone home.

The Castle at Sunset
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I have spent many nights wandering the ruins and more than any other castle I have stayed at, Kenilworth seems sombre and brooding, menacing even. Although Stew thinks it is a place of melancholy. Certainly like any major historic site it's had it's fair share of ups and downs. It was once home to Robert Dudley - One time favourite of Elizabeth 1st, but spurned for his own political and personal failings. Prior to that the scene of death and destruction including a siege by HenryIII in 1266, the evidence for which can still be seen in the huge stone balls shot from trebuchets and other weapons at the castle long ago, but now no more than decorative tops for many a gate post of many a house in the older part of Kenilworth.

Recycled Trebuchet Balls

According to some, the harrowing history has lead to a few hauntings over the years, including a Grey Lady. I like many others enjoy a good ghost story, and there was one night late when walking to the loos that I did catch something out of the corner of my eye - just flitting across the entrance to the new Elizabethan Garden, but whether it was a Grey Lady, a local lad intend on mischief or maybe even a low flying owl, i'll never know!

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Location:Fieldgate Lawn,Kenilworth,United Kingdom

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  1. It is really special to be allowed access to a site like this. Used to feel that when we worked in museums.